Time to End the Marriage Penalty Once and for All

Did you know that unmarried couples can get a larger deduction by filing federal taxes individually compared to a married couple filing jointly?

While tax reforms passed by Congress in 2017 eliminated many instances of the “Marriage Penalty,” it still exists today when it comes to deducting state and local taxes from your federal return.

Specifically, married couple can only deduct $10,000 in State and Local Property Tax while unmarried people who own a home together get $10,000 each.

This is known as a “Marriage Penalty,” and its time for our elected officials to address this inequity once and for all.

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Petition to Elected Officials:

“It is time to end the ‘Marriage Penalty’ once and for all in the US Tax Code. I call on my elected officials to support legislation that ensures that limits on State and Local Property Tax deductions, known as SALT deductions, do not penalize married filers.”

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